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Attachment-1 (1)Hi!  My name is Alex.  I live in San Francisco.  I’m an entrepreneur, husband, father, musician, and avid athlete / sports nut.

I have failed a lot.  And gotten back up.  I’m currently an engineering director at Nextdoor.com, a private social network for neighborhoods.  I’ve started a company, and failed.  I’ve also spent time doing agile software consulting and development, and a lot of time making the best video games in the business.  I even designed the patented swing mechanic for the best selling golf game of all time – Tiger Woods Golf!

I love playing golf, running, and basketball.  I’ve been addicted to breaking 80 in golf, setting new PRs in races, and watching my Duke Blue Devils and the Golden State Warriors.  And I love music: I’ve released some rock records that I still even listen to.  I’ve taken a departure to collaborate in Electronica, landing on a Paul Oakenfold record.

I have lots of fears.  And I want to conquer them.

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